Puppet Projects
Rusty Squid, animatronics, Bristol, UK
“Tiddler Show”, Scamp Theatre, UK
“Motomania” commercial for Louis-Motorbikes, Trikk17, Hamburg
„Pirates“, feature film , Aardman, Bristol, UK
„Four Minutes“, short from Wired Fly and Basmatifilm, Aarhus, Danmark
O Apostolo“, feature film production, artefactoproducciones
Machinefilm“, short film by Sunit Parekh-Gaihede
Hubba Bubba“, Commercial for chewinggum from Wrigleys
Wide Wilde Walrus“: tv series in developement from Denis Chapon, Trikk17, basmati film,
„Sandmann Teaser“: pilot for feature film, Scopas Medien, RBB
Glendogie Bogie“: half-hour animated tv-special for BBC Ko Lik Film Schottland
„Manni“ Fotoshooting for Advertising agency brand on fire
Goutte d'Or“: short film of C. Peladan, The Animation Workshop  
„Astor Chang“: Feature film in Planning, Trikk17
„d11b“:  Foodball-comedy-series for internet, Scopas Medien
Hilda und Willi“, tv-short film for RBB, KiKa, Scopas Medien AG
Dragon, der kleine dicke Drache“: tv-series sequel III, Scopas Medien AG, ZDF
Other Projects
Advertising-DVD for Gage Stiltwalks
Responsible for workflow and datawrangling at Agentur Kaczmarek
Organisation, concept and art contribution for „Schmalclub“, a production of Forsythe Ballett Frankfurt
Artist in residence at „meso“ Frankfurt
Instructor for southamerican percussion at „Waggong e.V.“
Hanna Habermann
Blog with work in progress